Manu Chao

Manu Chau

Manu Chao, a French singer of Spanish origin sings in many languages; Spanish, French, English, Arabic, and Portuguese and some other languages. This multi language singer first started his musical career with the French band "Hot Pants", making music with multiple styles. He then formed the group "Mano Negra" in 1987, but because of politic reasons left the group in 1995. He then went solo and formed a new group, "Radio Bemba Sound System". With this group he made a steady rise in his career releasing his albums Clandestino, Próxima Estación: Esperanza, and La Radiolina.
He mixes many styles such as punk, rock, reggae, ska, the French chanson and even Algerian raï. His songs are mostly about love, immigration and politics, and some songs have a left wing message.
Although this talented artist is one of the world's best selling, he is not that well known in the English speaking countries.
I expect to listen to more of his work, and hope to see him on tour soon.

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