Where's Firuze? (Neredesin Firuze)

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Directed by Ezel Akay, this film depicts a true story from the life of Özcan Deniz, the lead actor of this film, together with Demet Akbağ, Haluk Bilginer and many more talented artists. A melodramatic musical comedy with a taste of Bollywood and and the 1970's retro, this film is a visual feist and gets my A + in every aspect.

The story is shortly about Hayri and Sahin, 2 music producers trying to get out of their massive debt caused by unsuccesful album sales. Ferhat who formerly lived in Germany comes along gives hope to our producers. Then they get into action to produce a hit album for Ferhat and get rid of their debts. Things don't go smoothly and they need extra help. This is when Firuze comes along...

Of course there is no need to ask about the soundtrack, it is explicit also. Most are already popular songs sung with new arrangements especially prepared for this film. Although it isn't common for newer versions of a song to get a good vote, the versions in this do, thanks to Sunay Özgür and Ender Akay. They have done such a great job.
This film has won 2 awards at Ankara International Film Festival, but I think it deserves much more attention especially internationally. I especially recommend the songs "Ahirim Sensin" originally a folk song by Neşet Ertaş, "Ya Evde Yoksan?" originally by Orhan Gencebay, and the theme song "Gaip Arabesk".
If possible, I suggest you not only listen to the soundtrack but watch the movie also, the songs would fit in much better.

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