Soul, jazz, afrobeat, reggae, folk, ...

Her music is so rich, but at the same time reflects so much simplicity. The same is with her background. She is a child of a Nigerian father and a Romani Gypsy mother, raised in Germany. She has a multicultural ethnicity, but she is so plain and open with her looks, voice and music. She catches you in the first note.

Her name means joy in the Nigerian Yoruba language. Joy is what she is seeking, and what she wants to give as you can understand from the title of her debut album "Joyful" in 2006. Her albums represent her life experiences. With her second album "Gravity at last" she gives us another message of stability.

Ayo and her guitar act like one, on any performance, with a dialogue that seems more than real. You must listen to Ayo. Especially her live performance!
Although she has only two albums it was difficult for me to choose from her videos to publish in this post. They are all so good! Happy listening...

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