Sezen Aksu

What is there to say about Sezen Aksu? So much and so little! No words can be compiled to describe her successful carreer as singer, song writer and composer. She has released 23 albums and has won many many awards for her work. Besides writing songs for her own albums, she also supports new artists in their carreers and with her songs. Sezen has many hit songs sung by a variety of artists, including the world famous Tarkan. Originally from Izmir, the Aegean coastal town, Sezen has always not only known what ticks for the Turkish people, she has also created a reputation on the multi-ethnicity based on the culture she was born into. From Balkan to Greek melodies, her music is a harmony of cultures.

She has worked with many world performers such as Goran Bregovic and Haris Alexiou, and has gained a fair international reputation. However, internationally I don't think Sezen Aksu is where she really deserves.

Sezen Aksu participated in the Kardelen project initiated by the deceased Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan. The aim of the project was to encourage in rural areas to send their daughters to school.

With all these achievements, I wish the best for Sezen Aksu and her creative soul.

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