Zakir Hussain

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Indian prodigy child Zakir Hussain or in other words Ustad (grand master) of tabla, was touring the United States by the age of 12. As a master of percussion, he plays classical Indian tunes and has performed in collaboration with contemporary jazz artists such as John McLaughlin and Mickey Hart. Hussain is the founding member of
Tabla Beat Science "World music supergroup" of Bill Laswell. Besides his musical practice he also teaches tabla to students in San Francisco, USA and Mumbai, India.

He is the founder of Moment! records dedicated to featuring original collaborations of world music, and concert performances of great masters of classical indian music.
He has also starred in various films and has recorded soundtrack albums for films such as Heat and Dust in 1983, The Mystic Masseur, In Custody, and has played tabla for Apocalypse Now, and Little Buddha. In 1999 he wins many awards and is nominated for the many more with the film Vaanaprastham, where he composes, performs and acts as a music advisor.

He has won many awards including the 1999 National Heritage Fellowship, a prestigious award given to masters of traditional art, and the grammy in 2009 for contemporary world music category.

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